Mystery Mushroom Beaverton, OR

Asked August 9, 2019, 3:56 PM EDT

I have these mushrooms popping up all over and getting nowhere trying to identify them. They are dense brown/black mushrooms with tar-like black and yellow seed-like chunks inside.

Worried about kids/dogs, so trying to identify.

Washington County Oregon fungi

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These are not mushrooms. Mushrooms and other fungi reproduce by microscopic spores, and the photographs clearly show seeds of some kind. They are likely scat from some animal.


Thank you for your time reviewing my photos. These are coming from underground, breaking through sod / soil and have a trunk going down into the ground 1 or 2 cm.

I went outside and found 4 or 5 more coming up in a cluster just now. I tried getting a close up photo of intact structure after spraying with water to clear soil after digging up.

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Thanks for the additional information. This is clearly a puffball-like fungus, known as "Dead Man's Foot" or "Dog Turd Fungus." The scientific name is Pisolithus arhizus. The seed-like structures are called peridioles, and they bear the spores. It is common around many species of trees. Glad I could figure this out for you.