Asked August 9, 2019, 3:44 PM EDT

Will Viburnum Lantana be suitable as a cross pollinator for Viburnum dendatum blue muffin?

Oakland County Michigan

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You will have better results if you choose another cultivar of Viburnum dentatum and plant it within 20-100 feet, and in the same growing conditions, so they both are in bloom at the same time. Viburnums will cross pollinate well within the same species—that is the second part of the scientific name — “dentatum.”

Same species examples include pairing Blue Muffin Arrowwood (V. dentatum "Christom") with Autumn Jazz Arrowwood (Viburnum dentatum "Ralph Senior") and Chicago Lustre Arrowwood (V. dentatum "Synnesvedt").

You may try the other species but, be prepared to plant another V. dentatum that is not a Blue Muffin. Also, it can take 2-3 seasons after transplant for the shrubs to mature enough to flower and set fruit. Thank you for using our service.

Reference - https://extension.illinois.edu/shrubselector/detail_plant.cfm?PlantID=461