Wolf spider have other patterns?

Asked August 9, 2019, 11:41 AM EDT

Is this a wolf spider? It has different pattern than all the other wolf spiders i have caught

Knox County Tennessee spiders dolomedes spp possible fishing spider

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Thank you for your question. Identifying insects and spiders based solely on a photograph can be very difficult, because you can't always make out distinguishing characteristics necessary to make a positive identification. Wolf spiders have very distinguishing eye placement, and from what I can make out in your photographs, this spider does not have the appropriate eye placement of a wolf spider. I believe this is one of the fishing spiders in the genus Dolomedes.

Fishing spiders get their name from the fact that some of spiders in this family have the capability to catch small minnows, tadpoles and large invertebrates in ponds and slow-moving streams. Despite their name, some species in this genus are often found some distance from water bodies on the sides of trees and in buildings and houses.

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