insect/bug large cross between mosquito and dragonfly- like a dixid midge- but way bigger.

Asked August 9, 2019, 11:21 AM EDT

Hi there, Over the past week we have had 3 of these bugs enter our basement when we opened the door at night. I believe it was a charcoal color or maybe a mix of gray and brown. I don't think it had a long mouth part. It body was (sorry we vacuumed them up) about a 1/2" inch long from head to tail. The body was short and stout. the wings were longer than the body- about 1" in length - maybe clearish with a little color on the edges. It did fly a little bit like a mosquito - but it was definitly bigger (especially in it's body) than any male mosquito I've seen. It was hunched back up near the head. (if I remember correctly the head looked like a dragon fly head.) The hunched back took up 1/3 of the body and was larger in width than the tail section. The tail was not long and it had the shaped as if it was cleanly cut. In other words the tail area looked like a long barrel. Please - oh please let it be people friendly. Thanks so much

Prince George's County Maryland

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Could be a crane fly. A good guy. Definitely doesn't sound like anything you need to worry about.

However, don't leave on lights at night unless absolutely necessary. It can draw in some insects you really don't want hovering around or in your house. Turn off outside lights.