Non-Astringent Persimmon Variety that Pollinates Fuyu

Asked August 8, 2019, 7:59 PM EDT

Hello, I'm looking for a non-astringent persimmon tree to plant in my backyard to help pollinate my Fuyu persimmon tree. My Fuyu tree keeps dropping persimmons and I'm wondering if it's due to parthenocarpy. I read that having a pollinator persimmon tree will help make bigger fruit and help with the dropping. But I also read that it makes the persimmons seedy. So I'm not sure if it's good to have a second tree or not. I read that Gailey persimmons are good pollinators but they are the astringent kind. Also, is it ok if I plant this second persimmon tree far from my current Fuyu (75-100 yards away) because of sunlight and other trees. Will it not pollinate if they are far apart or is that distance sufficient?

Howard County Maryland

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There are several reasons persimmons will drop fruit: over-fertilization, lack of thinning, and stress (drought, especially.)

Here is a good publication that addresses some of these, and also has variety suggestions.
Note especially the section "Diseases, Pests & Problems".

Insects pollinate fruit trees and generally a 50 foot distance is fine. Get as close to that as you can, but bees certainly can fly farther.