Raspberries do not ripen

Asked August 8, 2019, 1:43 PM EDT

We have a small raspberry patch that no longer produces berries. There are blossoms and the fruit begins to appear but then it just stops there. These are plants that have produced lots of fruit in the past. About three years ago we did transplant them into a new area. They are the type that produce on shoots from the year before. They get only morning sun. Could that be the problem? I put bagged manure in the bed yearly and have put 10-10-10 once in the three years since transplanting. The growth is lush and healthy and there is only spotty leaf damage.

Winona County Minnesota

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Raspberries that are not in full sun will not produce well. Older plants often have viruses that slowly reduce the fruiting success.

Than you for your response. I may have to start a new patch in full sun. As to the virus, are there signs I should look for? As I mentioned in my initial post, these berries were prolific producers until I moved them. Light seems to be the most obvious culprit.

there are a number of viruses, and some of them have very subtle or no symptoms on the leaves or canes... they just cause infertility of flowers. They can be detected with lab tests, but it is expensive.

I appreciate your response. The original berries are probably at least 70 years old as many years ago I transplanted some from my grandmothers garden! I think I will move a few to the 100% sun part of the yard and see what happens next year. If they continue as they are I guess that is the end:(. Thanks again.