Apple tree codling moths

Asked August 8, 2019, 1:35 PM EDT

The past two seasons codling moths have wiped out my Honey Crisp Apple crops. I have hung traps to little or no affect. This year I had to dispose of over 100 young apples. Is there any other treatment that works?

Oakland County Michigan insect issues honey crisp

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Timing your controls is critical and the Enviroweather tool will help you do that.

Here are some articles with information on identification, monitoring and control that commercial and home growers use. The biofix +growing degree day (GDD) information is something you can use to help you time your sprays.

This is the MSU Enviroweather link for codling moth. Choose the station closest to you from the pull-down menus in the upper left. This tool is reset each year, so you can use it in 2020-

Trap setting information-

Here are home orchard control techniques and chemicals-

This Purdue orchard reference may be helpful-

This article isn’t for Michigan but explains codling moth ID, and has good pictures-

This article explains how using a large number of traps may help, and the bagging option-

I hope the techniques in these links will help you with your fruit crop. Thanks for using our service.