replce ash tree

Asked August 7, 2019, 4:13 PM EDT

We are looking to replace the ash tree that gave us shade from 6pm til sundown. Get too much sun on our deck. We want to go w/ a smaller tree-maybe 25 - 30 foot or so. We are in sand and it will get plenty of light. We don't want to spend a fortune. Also don't want something that drops stuff all the timelike our Linden does. We read in the Detroit News of Heptacodium miconioidesis and Chionnanthus virginicus. The tip sheet for replace ash trees on the MSU site really only included bigger trees. What are some recommendations? Thanks go much, Bill

Livingston County Michigan

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There are several trees that will have a mature height of 25-30 feet. Given our polar vortex events, and more frequent severe winters, I would choose a zone 5 or colder tree. Here is a list on pages 13-45:

You can have a soil test to determine your soil pH, nutrient level, etc, and choose a tree that prefers those conditions. We recommend having the soil tested.

This article will give you some ideas on how to judge what kind of shade trees can provide

And this tree owners manual shows you how to best plant and care for a tree, so as to have the best chance of success-

If you come up with several choices and have questions, please write us again. Thanks for using our service.