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Asked August 7, 2019, 3:02 PM EDT

We have Lake Huron shoreline property near Oscoda, MI. At the edge of the sand going into the woods, we have a band across the property that has a significant showing of a weed that resembles bamboo. We would like to eradicate it before we build our new home. Can you identify and can it be killed?

Iosco County Michigan

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Thank you for your question. We're happy to help but first need to confirm the identify of the weed. Please upload a couple photos for us to review so we may provide the proper control strategy.

Thank you.

I am in SE part of state so can't take pictures. However, from my research, it appears to be horsetail plant. It has spread on the property and we would like to eradicate it if possible before it invades the beach. Thank you.


I will give you research-based articles for control of horsetail, Equisetum arvense, and the related scouring rush, Equisteum hymale. Please compare what you have to these pictures and descriptions. If you have something else, perhaps you can screen shot a picture from the internet and attach it here.

Here is control information from

“Due to it primitive vascular system, horsetail does not translocate postemergence herbicides as well as other plants. Therefore, the extensive root system will push new top growth soon after burndown. Glyphosate alone or in combination with 2,4-D or diquat can provide up to six weeks of control. Repeat applications will almost certainly be necessary. The commercial premix combination of glyphosate plus diquat has performed very well in demonstration plots at MSU. Dichlobenil has also proved effective to suppress populations for up to one year.

Disclaimer:Always read, understand, and follow the label directions. Mention or exclusion of specific products does not represent an endorsement or condemnation of any product by Michigan State University.”

These links have pictures and more details.

Specific to acreage, but lists several controls your professional certified herbicide applicator can apply-

As you can see, several seasons of treatment will be necessary to manage this weed. Please be careful to use water-safe chemicals near water, and read and follow all precautions and directions. This link to MDARD may be helpful in finding licensed applicators-,4610,7-125-1569_16988_35288-11993--,00.html

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