how to fertilize and amend our soil's pH?

Asked August 7, 2019, 2:46 PM EDT

We would like to amend our soil and fertilize at the same time for a garden of 6x113 feet,
Ammonium sulfate was suggested. Is this found in fertilizer?
How much shall we use and purchase?
Thank you

Macomb County Michigan soil and fertility issues

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Ammonium sulfate is a source of nitrogen and is found in many fertilizers. It provides nitrogen for plant growth and helps change the soil pH slightly at the same time. Nitrogen is very mobile in soil, meaning it washes away with rain and snow melt, so you want to apply it just before planting a crop, or early and mid-season as a side dressing.

Have your soil tested so you know the exact pH, and the results will tell you how much fertilizer to apply for what you are growing. If necessary it will also recommend other amendments to adjust pH, organic matter and other nutrients. The soil test is to be followed for 3 years, then re-test to check soil pH.

If you already had a MSU soil test, please provide the 6 character code and I can review it and help with interpreting results.

To recommend pH adjustments I need to know your soil type, starting pH, and organic matter percentage or the”CEC” from a soil test.

Here are references for you explaining ammonium sulfate and a chart with recommended vegetable garden fertilizer amounts by crop-

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