Small fruit with brown spots on Asian Pear Tree

Asked August 7, 2019, 10:01 AM EDT

Our Asian Pear Tree was planted a year ago. We were encouraged by the lovely blooms and clusters of fruit but as the season has progressed we see very small fruit with brown spots. Also a few of the leaves are yellow with brown spots. After looking at the internet, I have to say that we did not thin the fruit but we did water the tree. Your guidance and/or suggestions would be much appreciated. See attached photos taken today.

New Castle County Delaware

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It is difficult to tell from the picture you sent in, but the pear tree may have a fungal disease we call rust which can affect the leaves and fruit. You could send in a sample to your closest Extension Office to be sure (UD Cooperative Extension, Wyoming Rd. Newark, DE). Pruning and thinning does help with fruit trees, to reduce the fruit load and allow fruit to grow larger, and to increase air circulation amidst the branches.

Growing backyard fruit trees is challenging in a state such as Delaware with a coastal climate and high humidity. Here is a fact sheet with some information:
Thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension,