Asked August 7, 2019, 9:47 AM EDT

I read the article about tomato pest control and saw that avaunt was one suggestion. However, it seems like it is used in large farms and therefore mixing directions are given let acre. I have a modestly sized home garden and would like to know if you have any guidance on using avaunt on a much smaller scale. Discussion boards I have visited give muddled suggestions at best. Thank You

Montgomery County Maryland

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You are correct, Avaunt is for commercial farming use and we do not recommend it for homeowner use.

Avaunt is a wide-spectrum insecticide which kills all insects, including pollinators and beneficials that do some pest control for you. For instance, in the case of corn/tomato worms which you mentioned recently, there is a small native wasp that parasitizes/kills these worms. There are actually over 100 insect species which eat either them or their eggs. This is a pest that is wind-disbursed and comes up from the south as moths.
There are other ways to non-chemically manage these pests as well, which are listed on this page (listed under corn earworm):

The most common problems and prevention/remedies for tomatoes can be found on our crop page for Tomatoes. Click on the link here: