Alocasia new leaves small and light green

Asked August 7, 2019, 7:44 AM EDT

Hi! I got two Alocasia Frydek plants about a month ago and repotted them together into a terracotta pot. It's on a south facing balcony under a ledge where it gets bright, indirect light. I water it every few days so the soil is moist. I used to mist the leaves but read that wasn't helpful so i stopped. It seems mostly happy. Some of the leaves looked like the velvet was worn down (getting bare looking spots) and there was webbing on the back so this past weekend i spritzed the leaves with hydrogen peroxide thinking it was a fungus. Turned out it was a big spider living in the stem (I'm not sure if it ran off or if it's still in there?). I think the hydrogen peroxide may have damaged the leaves since some still have these dark green spots on the back.

In any case two new leaves have opened recently but both are really light green and already worn looking. I'm not sure if this is the light, water, hydrogen peroxide, the spider, or normal alocasia. Is there anything i can do to encourage big, dark green leaves?

Picture 1: spots on the back (hydrogen peroxide damage?)
Picture 2: old leaf with worn looking spots
Picture 3: hard to tell but this is one of the new leaves, smaller, light green, and worn looking

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Thank you for your question. I’m unable to see with enough clarity what all of the tan and black spots are, and they can be spots created by the chemical, insects, or some type of fungal infection. Your county Extension office might have a microscope to identify. I think, by planting two plants together, you have cramped them, and they’re unable to absorb enough nutrients to get green. I’d repot into two containers, and fertilize through active growth periods. Weakly, weekly. Here is an extended Extension article on their care: Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

Thank you! I will repot them asap.