Use of glyphosate for changing to xeriscape

Asked August 6, 2019, 10:45 PM EDT

I was reading about the ways to move away from sod, and one way suggested on your site is to kill it all with Roundup. I searched your site too, for information about the dangers of using glyphosate, but couldn't find anything.
Am I wrong in thinking that the use of this chemical is bad for bees and other insects that are beneficial for our environment?
I have been trying to kill my grass by not watering it. Is this a viable option as well? Any advice about how to water trees that are surrounded by sod that I don't want to water anymore?

Thanks, Sarah Pezoa

Denver County Colorado

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Glyphosate has been in the news for possible harm to humans. Whether it is harmful to bees is still being studied and there are conflicting reports. For example, read this

Grass is resilient. Depriving it of water will weaken it and thin it but may not kill it and it will revive if you start applying water again. Consider these other methods of getting rid of it like manually removing it or solarizing it

The tree roots snake throughout the landscape and if you stop watering the landscape, you also will be cutting off the water to the tree. Initially, that will make it vulnerable to problems but eventually could kill it. I encourage you design your xeriscape so that plants with similar water needs are grouped together. In the event, continue to supply some water under the tree canopy using shrubs like Symphoricarpus or Mahonia repens and then segue to other species as you transition further away from the trees and move from shady to sunny.