Carolina allspice

Asked August 6, 2019, 5:51 PM EDT

My carolina allspice was planted spring 2018. It is growing nicely, it's about 24 inches tall. I'm not sure if this is a problem, but the leaves are yellowish and I believe it is supposed to have dark green leaves. Could it be missing something in my soil? What I read doesn't indicate that it needs any special soil. Thank you, Jolene Shrake Bloomfield, Mi 313-600-5365

Oakland County Michigan

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Hello Jolene,

Calycanthus floridus shrubs prefer moist, well draining soil. If the leaves are overall yellowing, including the veins, this could be too wet soil, especially if the shrub is in a low spot or is in clay soil.

If the older ( lower) leaves show yellowing with greener veins, and the yellowing progresses upward toward younger leaves , this could be a potassium deficiency.

There are several other patterns common in plants depending on the deficiency. Here is a link describing them in detail-

I mention the first two issues because they are very common. Have a soil test done to determine your basic nutrient levels, including potassium. You can purchase a kit online or at your Oakland County Extension office-

It takes about 2 weeks from when the lab receives your sample to get test results. The results will recommend the amount of fertilizer or other amendments to apply. We can help you interpret the results if you like. Thanks for using our service.

Thank you. I have ordered a soil test kit from MSU Extension.

Very good. I believe there is a “ comments” area on the form and you can indicate the exact shrub, and the fact that the leaves seem off color. That may help them when they make a recommendation for you.