Plum problems

Asked August 6, 2019, 5:48 PM EDT

I have something that's eating holes in my plum tree. It's an older tree and these holes are everywhere! Any ideas what this is and what to do? Thanks, Scott

Benton County Oregon

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Hello there. What you have is a fungal disease on the leaves. There are a couple of fungal diseases that can cause this, and they also can infect cherry and peach tree leaves. The spots where the fungus is growing on the leaves will eventually fall out, so it looks like some critter has been chewing holes in the leaves. If you look at the leaves, some of them have what looks like black spots that will become holes when they fall out. The fungus growing on the leaves most likely started in the spring. Our wet warm spring weather creates perfect conditions for a fungus to successfully infect leaves. To help your tree you should prune your tree with the idea of opening the canopy to allow for better air circulation. This will help fight fungal infection as increased air circulation will enable the leaves to dry more quickly. You can also apply a fungicide in the fall as soon the leaves drop off. There are several that to combat this disease, some of which are organic. You should also rake up and dispose of the infected leaves once they drop off the trees.