Asked August 6, 2019, 2:13 PM EDT

We live south of Bel Air in Harford County. Deer eat our annual and perennial flowers unless we apply "Deer Off" about every two weeks. If we forget, the flowers are gone overnight. I read about native species, but I cannot find anything about deer resistance there or anywhere on your web site. Can you offer some advice?

Harford County Maryland

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Protecting your plants from deer damage can be a frustrating ordeal. Repellents do work well but as you are experiencing they need to be reapplied often.
The best protection is a 10-foot fence but I do realize that is not practical for most folks. Native plants are not automatically deer resistant. But planting natives is recommended for other reasons. We do have a page on our website with a list of 'deer resistant' natives. Be aware though if deer pressure is heavy and they are hungry enough there is a possibility they will nibble on these too. Anything you plant should be sprayed initially with a deer repellent for a while after it is planted.
This is the link to our general deer information:
At the very bottom of the page is a link to an informative powerpoint presentation.