Arbovitae Health Issue

Asked August 6, 2019, 1:33 PM EDT

I planted 9 Arbovitae in the spring now 3 of them are turning yellow (the three in the center) and drying up. what course of action should I take to try to salvage them or protect the others? Thank You in advance for Your assistance, Mike Odell

Wayne County Michigan

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Hello. Your plants have transplant shock and I doubt the middle one will survive. When planting it is essential to provide enough water during the first year for the plants to establish. Overhead sprinkling does not usually provide enough, the best thing to do is put a slow running hose at the base of each tree and make sure the root ball is thoroughly saturated. This is especially true if planted in sandy soil. Also, if you planted them deeper than what they were in the pot that could be added stress. Hope this helps.