tiger eye sumac

Asked August 6, 2019, 12:57 PM EDT

1. how to dig up sumac to place in another area 2. plan on giving some to neighbors - concerned about invasive qualities - what do I need to tell them about planting, care and control

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Sumac are relatively easy to transplant. You will want to dig around the plant you want to transplant by about 1.5-2 feet and then down about 10 inches. You want to try to get a good chuck of the root ball. Then you just plant in the new location at the same depth it was in the previous location. Fall is the best time to do this and then water regularly until it gets too cold out.

Sumac doesn't require a whole lot of attention. I would be most concerned with neighbors not wanting the plant on their property. I would ask the neighbors to not use systemic herbicides on any unwanted plants - the plants are all connected and systemic herbicide could kill the whole stand of trees. Runners can easily be removed by severing the root and pulling out the plant. Mowing also works to control volunteers.