Is my Willow dying? If so would you wager a guess as to why?

Asked August 6, 2019, 8:58 AM EDT

My Weeping Willow appears to be "half dead". As we ventured further into summer, it appears that the top half of my tree is dying. The top half only is producing no new growth and the branches seem to be dying (no new leaf or limb growth). The bottom half of the tree is flush with new growth. HELP!

Hanover County Virginia

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Please include photos of what you're seeing including the trunk as it enters the ground. Also include pictures (as close as you can get) that show where the dead part begins after the live part. Try to show both dead and live tissue in the picture.

If there is a clear delineation of dead/alive, check to see if there is anything physically constricting around branches. Sometimes old string where it was staked or other ties may have been left on.

Please include how long the tree has been planted. Willows are best-suited for sites that have plenty of water, like in a swale or beside a pond or creek.