Residential Rainwater Catchment/Rain Garden/Laundry to Landscape Project

Asked August 6, 2019, 1:58 AM EDT

I am looking for a project manager/coordinator/helper to point me in the right direction for a residential project that has several aspects 1. Rain gardens 2. Roof water catchment/storage/distribution 3. Laundry/Shower to Landscape irrigation to rain gardens 4. Raised beds for Seed to Supper and Community Education Thanks in advance

Washington County Oregon rain gardens graywater

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You've clearly got some great rainwater projects planned! Unfortunately we can't give referrals for specific contractors, but there are many resources for the Portland area available online. You could start with "How to Build a Rain Garden" published by the City of Portland, available here:
The Portland Water Bureau site has lots of other information, including regulations that will affect the projects you want to undertake.