linden didn't bloom

Asked August 5, 2019, 7:50 PM EDT

My mature linden tree didn't bloom this year. It has in all the previous years. It was planted 21 years ago. The last few years Japanese beetles have eaten some of the leaves, as they have this year. Nothing else has changed. Any ideas?

Dakota County Minnesota

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Thanks for the question.

I am not unduly surprised by your linden tree situation. We have had many questions this season about poor growth and blooming in a variety of trees and shrubs in Minnesota, including linden trees. All our evidence indicates that Japanese Beetles in their defoliation pursuits would not in a single season have any adverse effects upon a linden tree. We suspect something else. Additionally you indicated that for the first time in many years it did not bloom. These factors lead me to conclude that the lack of blooming this year was due to environmental influences.

We believe that the 2019 cold winter temperatures (January!) coupled with a rather erratic spring with swings in temperatures caused incipient flower buds on many trees and shrubs to slow their development. This clearly could have impeded your developing linden flower buds. At this time, we believe that patience is the best course. Continue your customary care of your tree and pay particular action in the upcoming months to prepare it for the winter season. It is very likely that in 2020, you will see normal flowering on your linden.

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