Identify two flowers

Asked August 5, 2019, 5:28 PM EDT

Can you identify the two flowers from the Cascade- Siskiyou National Monument?

Jackson County Oregon

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Consulting my copy of Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest by Mark Turner and Phyllis Gustafason, I believe the pink one is Arabis aculeolata , common named Waldo Rockcress. It is listed as rare in California and Oregon, where it is endemic to the Siskiyou Mountains.
The yellow one most closely resembles an Erigonum, or buckwheat. Perhaps the cushion desert buckwheat or Douglas's buckwheat. They are both found in dry rocky sites in sandy or rocky soils at high elevations. The flowers in cushion buckwheat are yellow, fading to red just as your picture shows.
Because I cannot see the stems/leaves I can't be sure, but the book is comprehensive and tyour pictures most closely resemble the flowering plants in the book. You can find pictures from the book online at

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Hello Sharon,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I agree that the yellow plant is buckwheat. Your information was perfect. The pink one though, because it has the little bulb shape of pedals yet to bloom on top, makes me think of hedysarum occidentale or western sweetvetch. I am new to this, so you are probably correct.
Thank you again for your help.


Upon further research, Waldo rockcress is endemic to the Siskiyou National Monument, where you took the picture. Western sweetvetch is found in the north coast of Washington and coastal British Columbia. I can see the resemblance as they look quite similar. The guidebook I am using, as described in my original answer, has maps of where various wildflowers are found.
Thanks for the follow up.

Good point! I agree.