Lawn grubs?

Asked August 5, 2019, 3:41 PM EDT

I was pretty certain I have lawn grubs based on the presentation (spots of dead grass appearing in late summer etc) but I can't find evidence of them. I turned a couple of places of sod and can't see anything. I planted this lawn this spring with Pro Times Eco mix I removed my old lawn because it was covered in dead grass spots I thought was damage by my new dog relieving himself on the lawn. Now the same thing is happening starting a few weeks ago and the dog has not been on the lawn. See the attached photos ... 2 show areas where I turned the soil looking for grubs. Not sure I did it correctly...What do you think? Thank you, Pam, in Lake Grove

Clackamas County Oregon lawns and turf

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You likely have Japanese Beetle or European chafer grubs. The grubs recently made the transition to adults, which have subsequently laid eggs. The eggs are going to be tiny. I would scout the lawn area again in September and October looking for these grubs, which will be about 0.75" in size at that time.

This link below contains more information about scouting for grubs...

Several successful insecticides are listed in this document