Pantry Moths

Asked August 5, 2019, 2:38 PM EDT


We have had an infestation of pantry/indian meal moths in our fireplace. Years ago, we discovered pantry moths in the kitchen pantry and we eliminated these moths in the kitchen when we remodeled our kitchen. However, they have been in the fireplace for several years and have been seen flying out of the fireplace. I have contacted several pest control companies who have used sprays/foggers in the fireplace and I have the chimney/fireplace cleaned yearly. No one has been able to help me or tell me how to get rid of these pesty indian meal moths. We have checked the attic as well and cannot find any food source. I am constantly buying pantry moth traps and this does attract about 50% of them. I have about given up! Today, another pest control company came out and told me that they could not help me. Any suggestions on how we can get rid of these moths? Thank you, M.O.

Tarrant County Texas insect issues moths

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To manage Indianmeal moths, you need to locate the source and get rid of it or you will continue to have problems. It could be that the moths are coming from food stored by rodents in a wall void, attic, crawl space, or chimney. If you are having/ have had rodent issues, take care of the rodents, but then clean areas to remove any food caches left behind.

The traps that you are using are only going to attract the males moths as they give off a scent that mimics the sex pheromone that females use to attract mates.