What Type Bush

Asked August 5, 2019, 2:33 PM EDT

I planted some bushes that were sourced from my neighbors plant about 5-years ago. This past winter 2 of the plants didn't appear to survive. Two Questions: 1) What is the plant as I want to replace it; 2) Alternatively, can I cut off a branch from the root and replant were dead plant is?

Many Thanks for assistance

Carroll County Maryland

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These are rose of Sharon shrubs. If you got them from a neighbor, they are probably the old fashioned kind that seed themselves everywhere. These may provide you with volunteer seedlings soon, or you neighbor should have more seedlings. You may have some seedlings coming up in your other beds near your neighbor or in fence rows.

If your shrub's have flowers, the flowers should make seeds and you can plant those seeds.

You mention a "branch from the root". Rose of Sharon's do not usually produce "suckers" at the base, so if you see a small one coming up near (not on) the base of the trunk, it's likely that it is a completely new volunteer seedling. You can dig it up.

It's possible to take cuttings of Rose of Sharon wood, dip in hormone powder, and root in damp soil. This should be done in July.