cedar shed + pollinators

Asked August 4, 2019, 5:05 PM EDT

I'm not finding any pollinators yet in my new gardens which flank my newly built, small (8'x4'') cedar shed. Is the cedar repelling the insects or could it be the pollinators haven't found the blooms which are few, thus far? Have Agastache and Liatris spicata in bloom, and Vernonia and Oenothera just starting. Or is it too soon to watch for them. Area has dappled sun. Agastache in another area (sunnier) has many bees.

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

Most likely the pollinators have not yet found your flowers yet. Especially if your new flower patch is in an area that doesn't have many flowers in general, the pollinators in your area will need a bit of time to know that the flowers are there. If you continue to have flowers there over many seasons, pollinators are going to start coming more regularly and you should see an increase over time.

In addition, pollinators will prefer to go to plants that are in full sun vs. partial sun, so, if you have space, perhaps you can add to your sunnier location.

Your flower choices are good -- just be patient and give it more time and add more flowering plants in the sun, if you can. Also, if you leave your flower stalks standing over winter, that can help provide nesting sites for bees, etc., which also will help to increase their populations over time.

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