Maple leaves falling off trees in July

Asked August 2, 2019, 8:21 PM EDT

We have 2 mature Maple trees in our yard that dropped most of their leaves in July. The leaves turn brown and dry before falling off. There are also white streaks and circular patches on the bark. Is this a fungus that is killing our trees? Should we have the trees removed or can they be saved? We are surrounded by several large oaks and maple trees. I spend at least 2 months picking up leaves in the Fall. I don't want to spend 2 months doing this in the summer as well.

Kalamazoo County Michigan

1 Response

Thanks for the photos; it's helpful in starting to figure out what is happening to the tree. Attached is an article from another ask an expert question which describes the possible sources of discoloration.

Having a certified arborist inspect the tree is your most accurate source. and are excellent resources for locating an arborist in your area.

As for the leaf browning, it may one of a number of causes, such as lack of water, soil condition, or a disease. Attached is another website which provides a description with photos of maple tree problems along with solutions. Hopefully it will help you identify accurately the problem and solution.