What species and is it venomous

Asked August 2, 2019, 7:39 PM EDT

At work I saw this little guy and am not sure what kind and state of danger

Dodge County Wisconsin

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Thank you for your question. The spider in your photograph is the black and yellow garden spider, sometimes called the writing spider, (Argiope aurantia).

It is found in southeastern Canada and most of the United States, but is not common in parts of the Great Basin and Rocky Mountains. Its range extends southward into Central America and Costa Rica.

They are known for their large orb-shaped webs with the thick zig-zag silken portions called stabilimentum. The stabilimentum are thought to provide additional support to the web in the event large insect become entrapped in the web. According to L.L. Gaddy in his book Spiders of the Carolinas, research has shown that these structures may absorb ultraviolet rays in a way that makes them attractive to insects.

Here's a link with more information and photographs of this species:


Like most spiders, this species is venomous, but their bite is not considered to pose a serious health risk to humans.

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