Root Maggots

Asked August 2, 2019, 5:56 PM EDT

Is it safe to use SNS 203 on my vegetables and in my soil to get rid of root maggots? The label indicates “All Natural Pesticide “. Active ingredients: Clove oil, rosemary oil; other ingredients: 97.7 %-purified water, polyglyceryl Oleate, lauric acid I’ve been very careful to keep my garden organic, but I’ve lost a lot of my veggies this year due to these little guys.

Kenai Peninsula Borough Alaska

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I want to make sure I am answering your question correctly, are you wondering if SNS 203 will be safe for your plants, or are you wondering if it will be safe to consume the edible portions after using the product?

Generally speaking, SNS 203 is considered a minimum risk product based on the EPA guidelines for active and inert ingredients. You can read more about what makes something minimum risk on the EPA website: