Giant Australian potter wasp

Asked August 1, 2019, 5:57 PM EDT

I work in pest control and mosquito control, recently I think I saw a Giant Australian potter wasp while spraying for mosquitoes in Waterford ,Mi. Is there any species native to Michigan that look like that? I have been in pest control for about 8 years and have never seen anything remotely similar.

Genesee County Michigan

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There are a few species of solitary wasps that are nearly an inch long. You might have seen the great golden digger wasp. These nest in sand and gravel and bring Katydids and grasshoppers to their nests. Though large, this and other solitary wasps are unlikely to bother humans and should be left alone.

Close but the black was a stripe and the body wasn’t so tapered. It wasn’t the golden dagger. I got a really good look at it from about two foot away. I tried to get a pic but it flew off. Is there any others that closely resemble the Giant Australian potter?

The wasp is most likely in the insect families of Vespidae or Sphecidae. Without a photo, I cannot identify it. You may have success searching on If you find the wasp again and are able to get a picture, feel free to attach it.

Did it look like the wasp in the attached photo? I have heard from others that there are a fair number of cicada killer wasps around this year.