fall cover crops

Asked August 1, 2019, 5:50 PM EDT

What are the best fall cover cover crops for Sitka? When is the best time to start?

Sitka Alaska cover crops

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Cover crops do best in Southeast Alaska if started by mid August at the latest so that they get enough growth before killing frosts. This allows for a planting after garlic, greens, and other early harvest crops Of course a full season cover crop works well too, if you have the space to devote.
Always mixing a legume with a non-legume will achieve best results for both nutrients capture (non-legume) and nitrogen fixation (legume). Many mixes are available with buckwheat, field peas, clovers, hairy (NOT bird/cow!) vetch and annual grasses being preferred by many Southeast Alaska growers.
Covering with black plastic or weed cloth in the early winter will ensure it dies off, plus preserve nutrients from leaching. Till in in the spring or leave on surface for no-till growing.