Dozens of maple trees dying

Asked August 1, 2019, 4:10 PM EDT

My next door neighbor had 3 large maple trees taken down last week. Neighbor was told the trees had a disease and wouldn’t recover. Once aware of this I noticed one of my own maples appears to have the same disease. Driving thru our Hunters Ridge sub, I can see that dozens of not more, are dying. Help! Could someone please, please investigate?

Washtenaw County Michigan

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Some problems this year relate to environmental conditions that have left some maples stressed which can lead to a wilt disease. Other problems are more related to specific maples. Norway maples commonly develop root girdling that causes them to decline as they get older. I mostly have seen across S.E. Michigan maples weakened from extreme wet conditions that left soils (especially clay soils) saturated for longer periods. I had this happen and lost a tree and have seen others damaged and though they survived maple are then left susceptible to other problems. Wilt disease in particular is not controllable and many trees of different species are susceptible especially when weakened. Please contact the MSU Extension office and leave your name and contact and let them know I asked for your information. We need more specific information on the locations for these problem trees. Call 734 997-1678