Hostas and Begonias

Asked August 1, 2019, 3:23 PM EDT

Something is chewing the flower stems off my hostas and begonias. Can you help? Thanks, Mark Newman

Oakland County Michigan

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The hostas have slug damage on them and possibly some other chewing insects like beetles or earwigs, causing holes in leaves.Slugs are the most common issue. You can clip off the worst damage and the hosta will put out new leaves. Here is info on slug control-

Rabbits will cleanly bite off and eat leaves and flowers of hosta.

The begonias have been ‘tasted’ by rabbits. They do this often, leaving things they don’t like laying on the ground.

Some rabbit repellents work, especially when re-applied after each rain. Here are references for management of rabbits-

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You are very welcome. Good luck