Dundale peas, host for Disease? Fumigation afterwards?

Asked August 1, 2019, 1:44 PM EDT

We are a conifer seedling nursery. We crop share with another farmer between our crops of seedlings. They would like to plant Dundale Peas as a 1 year crop, and then we would fumigate the field afterwards before panting our crop of conifer seedlings. Will the Dundale Peas be eradicated by the fumigation process? One concern was that the seed coat may be too hard and the seeds would only be scarified. Another question is if the Peas would be a host for verticillium?

Marion County Oregon

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I will need to do some research and consult with our Nursery specialist to properly address your question. I will post results of my initial research as second response here, but it would also be good to establish direct contact via email for further questions that may arise.

Have you found out any more information?

I contacted Lloyd Nackley, Extension Nursery Specialist at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center. As in my email to you about this:

Assuming you are talking about soil fumigation with MeBr, in answer to “Will the Dundale Peas be eradicated by the fumigation process?”, Lloyd said: “My guess is yes. But I have no evidence. MeBr is highly toxic”.