Oak Leaf Hydrangea Leaves turning red

Asked August 1, 2019, 12:58 PM EDT

I have an oak leaf hydrangea whose leaves are turning red. It gets morning sun up until about noon. The plants are cuttings from my grandfathers plants. Attached are two pictures. Both plants and within five feet of each other. The smaller one is more severely affected. The larger one has the beginnings of this red color on the tips of some of the leaves.

Whitley County Kentucky

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Not sure from pictures but could be various issues. It would be a good idea to pull a soil sample and have it tested to see what the pH and nutrient levels look like. It has been extremely wet for a while now. The site where the impacted plant is growing may be wet. If it is a disease the plant would have to be sent to our plant disease lab for diagnosis. Call if you want to discuss this further. 606-549-1430.