Can this White Oak be saved?

Asked July 31, 2019, 11:01 AM EDT

My gardener says this beautiful, 8ft around White Oak is Leaning more than he remembers from Previous years. Had one certified arborist (consultant only; $150) out to look. He banged it with a hammer and said it must come down. Had a certified arborist tree removal service out for an estimate. She said the tree is perfectly healthy and only needs the top cleaned up to let strong winds pass through. What?!? She had nothing to gain financially by telling me the tree doesn’t need to come down. Another consultant want $195 to come out! Please see if the attached pictures can determine what needs to be done. I have a lot more pictures if you need them. I can’t figure out how to attach more than three. Thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland

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In general, the tree does not look unhealthy but it is leaning. If there is dead wood, it can be pruned out anytime. However, we are not onsite and cannot make a recommendation as to whether the tree is a hazard and what work needs to be done.

We suggest that you consult with at least one or two more professional, certified arborists and/or consulting arborists to give you opinions and the best way to proceed. In order to find a certified arborist in your area, please go to the following website. You will note that there are Consulting Arborists available, as well. They have more education and training. Here is more information on Consulting Arborists and the website

Also, many tree care companies (especially large companies like Bartlett or Davey among others) do not charge for an onsite evaluation. You will have to ask.