emerald ash borer

Asked July 31, 2019, 9:54 AM EDT

would like to know your advise on protecting my very large ash tree from emerald ash borer. I had Kevin from Eagan Forestry come out. It is currently not infected from what we can tell. I have been treating it for the last 10 years with a product from Gertens, a product by Green light called emerald ash borer killer. The product is now discontinued. I bought a extra one. Kevin thought we should have it professionally treated. He feels the product is for smaller trees. our tree is 22 inches in diameter. Would like some advice.

Dakota County Minnesota

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If you still have the Green Light product, the label information will indicate how much to apply and whether this amount is sufficient for your very large tree. However, we can't vouch for the effectiveness of the product.

The following bulletin includes a comprehensive discussion of products used by home owners and professionals to control emerald ash borers (see page 8). It also explains the limitations of these products and how to use them effectively. Tree care professionals can choose from a wide range of products and they know how, when and where to apply them for best results.