How can I get rid of woodpeckers

Asked July 31, 2019, 9:54 AM EDT

I have a brand new home in Rociada, New Mexico. The woodpeckers have taken a liking to the deck. How can I get rid of them? They are ruining my home. I have ordered a woodpecker deterrent device but they say you need about 2 to 6 of the devices to get results. Is there anything natural and safe to remove them from my home?


Cathy Diaz

San Miguel County New Mexico

1 Response

Try to access this publication from NMSU on the subject. Noise makers and etc. are likely going to be ignored by these persistent little critters.

Start your search engine.

Type in something like this: NMSU CES publications

When you get that web page, see the little search engine in it.

Type in something like this: woodpecker

Several publications will apppear. Click on L-211---the closest to what you want. That gives you the best options.

Hope this helps.