Purslane Taking Over Vegetable Garden

Asked July 30, 2019, 5:38 PM EDT

How do I safely get rid of purslane in my vegetable garden? I pull one and three more come back. I can't keep ahead of it - it grows so quickly. Is there a weed killer I can use that will be safe for the vegetables, kids and dog? Is there something I can do in the fall so that it will not be a problem next summer?

Adams County Colorado

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Hi there,

Hand pulling purslane is the best way to manage it in the vegetable garden. Be sure to dispose of the plants that you pull since purslane can re-root if left sitting on top of soil. Purslane rarely develops in mulched areas and can be smothered if covered with mulch. I would recommend applying at lease 3 inches of mulch to your vegetable garden to help control the future growth of purslane. I hope this is helpful.