Cherry Tree Borer

Asked July 30, 2019, 4:00 PM EDT

I have been having serious issues with fruit tree borers. They killed my Peach and Cherry trees and are now attacking my weeping cherry tree. I need to know what time of year to spray the bark with Pyrethrum.

Frederick County Maryland

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Take a look at the information on our website on borers for more information

Here is a spray schedule from Va Tech for stone fruits. This can be used for the weeping cherry as well. Take a look at Table 3.7 for peach tree borer sprays. The product that is listed for control, esfenvalerate, is not labeled for use in Md.
Look for an Ortho Bug B Gon product, active ingredients bifenthrin and zeta cypermethrin. You will have to spray 2 sprays in the midsummer. Follow label directions.