Growing Tomatoes

Asked July 30, 2019, 3:50 PM EDT

I am growing two big tomato plants in two big pots. They both have a lot of tomatoes (11 and 8) in the middle section of the plants, and lots of blossoms above that. The foliage looks great, but the blossoms are not developing into baby tomatoes. Most of them are just drying up. I spread Espoma Tomato Tone around the plants every 15 days according to label instructions. What could be the problem. The heat? (I am in Anne Arundel County.) Are tomatoes like peppers where if the fruit weight reaches a certain level, the plants stop producing new fruit? Any advice you can give me will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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There may be several reasons why the plants are not producing such as environmental stress and/or cultural factors like heat and water stress, site conditions, etc.

Temperatures above 95 degrees and water stress may interfere with pollination and fertilization. Also, you did not mention how large your containers are. A full size tomato requires 4-5 gallons and a dwarf 1-3 gallons.
If they are in full sun you may want to move the containers to some afternoon shade. If sitting on a brick patio or near a brick wall this can reflect heat.
You will have to check the moisture and you may need to water everyday. Tomatoes are long season plants and may need to be lightly fertilized every two weeks.
Hopefully we will get some cooler weather and the tomatoes will put out some fruits.
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