Asked July 30, 2019, 3:45 PM EDT

2 questions 1. My raspberries had a bumper crop this year where the past 3 years it has been nominal. Was it because of amount of rainfall or that I cut back the plants last year for the first time or another reason? I have not put any chemicals into the ground ever. 2. I made freezer jam once with the berries and it turned out fine. Then I did it a second time 3 days later and did it the same way. However after leaving on counter overnight as directions stated, I went to put in freezer and noticed juice on counter from most jars, yes, jars. One cap popped off and the jam swelled as in fermentation but why? So, I thought I should open the others to see what would happen and each one of the 6 jars seemed to rise and I shaved off enough jam from each jar that I could have made another jar. I checked online and it seems to say that mold may be a culprit, but why? And that I should throw. Why did this happen and should I throw? I am anxious to hear your response.

Anoka County Minnesota

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Tomatoes need a lot of water. They also need to be thinned regularly. So probably both the thinning and the rains helped. They are heavy feeders, so would benefit from a yearly application of fertilizer. Read here:

As for your canning procedures, that is outside the purview of Master Gardeners. The recipes that I know of for freezer jam do not call for leaving it out overnight. For many great food preservation ideas, including freezer jam, check here: