white mold ok for compost?

Asked July 30, 2019, 2:22 PM EDT

Hello - is food with white mold ok for compost? I don't put any meat or animal-derived products in it except for ground-up egg shells. Is there any kitchen "waste" that should not be put in compost? Does it matter that I have a "cold" pile? Thanks as always. -Jim

Howard County Maryland

2 Responses

Hi- fruit and vegetable scraps and bread with mold are fine to add to compost bins and piles. It's ok that the pile is "cold." Monitor for signs of wildlife digging out or unearthing these scraps. Some people find they need to fence critters out of their composting area.

We recommend that you not attempt to compost (hot or cold) old leftovers of prepared/cooked dishes.

Jon - I appreciate your speedy and informative response. I am very happy to hear that I can put moldy things in my cold pile. Yay! (With the hot summer, even my cold pile is processing things pretty fast.) I do not put leftovers from meals, or any prepared food, in my compost; thanks for reaffirming this practice.