I have a red oak tree (2 plus Feet in diameter) a year ago and again last...

Asked July 30, 2019, 1:00 PM EDT

I have a red oak tree (2 plus Feet in diameter) a year ago and again last night on a calm night with rain it has dropped a large limb, the first was about 5 inches in diameter, today's about 3 inches. no other signs or symptoms, is there a possible cause that can be diagnosed?

Lorain County Ohio

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Hi Lorain County, what a shock to have a large limb fall from a large tree when it is calm weather. I have also experienced this once at the home place. Cousins had visited and drove up into the yard to talk before going on home. We talked for a short time before they decided they wanted to get home before dark. Not ten minutes later after they left, a very large limb fell in the exact spot where they had been. What a shock!

Here is what I would do: call a Certified Arborist in your area. Look in the phone book for tree professionals and be sure to look for a Certified Arborist. They have to take a test to become certified and take a lot of continuing educational classes to maintain the designation. They should be able to look at the tree and make a determination of what is going on with the tree. You may not be able to detect a problem in the upper crown of the tree but they can either climb up there or use a bucket truck to examine the crown of the tree. It is important to the health of the tree as well as to the targets under the tree.

Some trees show no problems from the ground but a climber can spot the problems when they get up close and personal with the branch attachments in the crown. Getting a Certified Arborist to take a look is really an investment in the health of the tree and will give you some peace of mind.

Hope this helps you. Don