problem with grapes

Asked July 30, 2019, 12:03 PM EDT

The new growth on all my grapes don't look right, can this be due to over watering? the grapes range from 1-3 years the younger grapes just right out stoped growing altogether. lightly fertilized in spring, i stopped watering one month ago to see if new growth would snap out of it and look healthy but no change.

Marion County Oregon

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The grapes display classic symptoms of exposure to a phenoxy herbicide. This group of broadleaved herbicides includes products like Weed n Feed or Crossbow. The herbicides tend to be volatile if applied in warm weather and can move as a vapor from the site of application (such as a lawn or brushy areas) and affect nearby plants. Grapes are one of those plants that are highly sensitive. Applications made in the summer months for weed control are very prone to volatilize. The URL below is to an OSU Extension publication that provides more detail. Feel free to write directly with questions.