No pine cones this year

Asked July 30, 2019, 7:29 AM EDT

Hello my Deodara is massive and started several summers ago with one lonely cone. Last year it was loaded with them all along the top several layers. This summer?? Not one why what’s it’s telling me?? Thanx . . Joe in Jersey

Burlington County New Jersey

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Cone production can sometimes be cyclic based on soil moisture, available nutrients, temperature, precipitation, ect.

Precipitation can affect pollination by washing pollen from the air while flowers are receptive. You have no control over this.

Sometimes a heavy cone production year depletes the nutrient reserves of the tree causing the following year to have very little fruit. You can soil sample and adjust pH and nutrients in the soil to enhance the vigor of the tree and fruit (cone) production.

I would also check the tree for damage by insects or diseases. Check for a reduction of foliage. If the tree has normal foliage, then soil test and adjust the soil. If foliage is weak, chewed or missing, examine the tree for insects or possible root rot fungi.