Lilies near basil

Asked July 29, 2019, 5:37 PM EDT

So my basil and Swiss chard are planted near tiger lilies. Will the pollen and dead flowers of the lilies that fall on the basil and Swiss chard make them dangerous to ice and use this year

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Thank you for your question. Pollen can only pollinate plants from the same species. Basil is in the Ocimum species; Swiss chard is in the beta vulgaris species; tiger lilies are in the lilium lancefolium species. They cannot pollinate each other. I do not understand your question about “ice and use this year.”

I’m sorry if my question was not clear. I have a very crazy auto correct.

The dead flowers and pollen and stigmas of the tiger lilies are falling directly on my Swiss chard and basil.

Is it safe to use the Swiss chard and basil in my cooking? I hear that tiger lilies can be quite toxic for animals and possibly make people ill.

Thank you, Kris.

perhaps people?

The ASPCA says they are toxic only to cats: I am not qualified to give an opinion about safety to humans. But I will reassign the question to another OSU expert who might know.

There is much confusion regarding lilies and their toxicity. The tiger lily is a member of the 'true lilies' (Lilium genus) as opposed to daylilies (Hemerocallis genus). Both are considered toxic to pets, particularly cats. Lilium spp. are more toxic to pets and are likely more poisonous to humans than Hemerocallis spp. Neither genus is considered toxic to humans however (see Sensitive individuals can have a more toxic response, just as some people have peanut allergies yet most people can eat them just fine. You should not eat any part of your tiger lilies but after you wash your basil and swiss chard thoroughly they will be safe for your consumption. Just don't share with your cat.