Bug eating raspberry foliage and berries

Asked July 29, 2019, 4:15 PM EDT

Hi, My neighbor found a bunch of these guys (in the attached photo) on her raspberry plants. After Googling, I think they look different than the raspberry beetle and couldn't find another likely match, so I thought I'd reach out and see if you knew what they might be. They are causing significant damage to her plants. I have raspberries as well and found one on a berry I was about to pop in my mouth--but I don't have an infestation. (I have a lot of bugs in my yard, so it's hard for any one bug to take over.) Nevertheless, I'm interested to know what they are and whether or not I can help save her plants. Thank you for your help. Amy Wachsmuth

Washington County Oregon insect issues raspberries

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These are nymphs of a true bug, they are not a beetle. I'm not sure which true bug you have since you don't have any adults in the photo, soon they will become adults and will be more easily identifiable. What sort of damage is your neighbor seeing on their raspberries?

Many of these types of insects can tend to congregate then move on, depending upon what type of insect you have, it may be just passing through. If you can find and adult and send a picture that would help with identification. You could also take some insects to your Washington County Extension office, they may also be able to better identify it if they had a live sample.

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