Tree and Plant Identification

Asked July 29, 2019, 1:49 PM EDT

My daughter has just bought a house in Roseville and while i can identify most the the hundreds of plants/trees I cannot identify the two attached. I would appreciate your helping. Thanks

Ramsey County Minnesota

2 Responses

The tree is a plum. Prune this tree every year in late winter. Pruning at other times put the tree at risk for a fungal disease called black knot. The following sites will help you care for the plum.

Please take another picture of the flower so we are able to see the leaves and branching. How tall is the plant? Is it growing in sun or shade? Please count the number of petals.

Campanula carpatica Jacq. or tussock bellflower is a perennial flower. The species name "carpatica," refers to its origin in the Carpathian Mountains.